Friday, February 24, 2012

It has been a while - Rodeo Update.

Today was an odd day for sure. It was 'Go Western' day at school. The Katy Rodeo is this weekend and every year the kids are able to dress up as cowboys to celebrate. They got their 'duds' on and took their supplements and I loaded the boys up in the car. On the way Maxwell seemed to be breathing oddly. I asked him if he felt fine and he said that he was.

As soon as he piled out of the car - he vomited all over the drive. I loaded him back in the car - and the person who loads him up closed the door on his fingers. Seeing red - I got him loaded back up and home. Cleaned him up and got him on the couch, with Mom's help. We think it was taking his supplements on an empty stomach as about 1.5 hours later he was fine and asking for food.

He was so upset not being able to go to school today as he looks forward to dressing up every year. I checked the schedule for the Rodeo and found they were doing a 'special Rodeo' at 9:30. I got his clothes cleaned, dried, and back on him and loaded him up.

Man - what a fun time. He got a chance to ride a mechanical bull, toss a lasso, hold snakes, pet animals and more! We grabbed Lambert from school and got Lunch at Chic-File-t. No more vitamins on an empty stomach! I took pictures and thought I would share.