Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yearly Pictures of the Boys!

Lambert's Second Grade Photo

Maxwell's First Grade Photo

Mothers Day 2012

It's Mommies Brain!

The Moulenbelt Men made mommy a book for Mothers day that was titled 'The ABC's of Mommy".  Every letter of the alphabet had a word or phrase that reminded the boys of Amy - and all three of us worked on it.  It was tied together with a bow and Amy really loved it.  She also received a book and a bag made at school by both boys. 

Happy Mother's day Amy!


Maxwell's 7th Birthday Party

Dr. Maxwell

Dr. Maxwell uses his new Microscope

Pikachu takes a beat down!

Finally - Pikachu is open!

Dad separated his shoulder a few days prior to the party - so he was in a sling!

 Maxwell's Birthday party was a smashing success.  We had a great time at Katy Park with friends, cupcakes, a pinata, games, and presents.  It was hot - but not too bad as we got there early and celebrated fast!

Thanks to everyone who came and sent presents.