Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moody Gardens Aquarium Visit

Today we brought the boys to the Moody Gardens Aquarium for a visit and a special treat. We were planning on going to San Antonio, but with my knee being re injured, and the subsequent Dr. visits, we decided to stay home. We checked out the museum for an hour or so, and then brought the boys to the 'Penguin Encounter'. It was expensive, but Lambert is a penguin freak so we knew he would love it. We got to go back stage to see what the trainers see, where the penguns are fed and cleaned and meet a real penguin.

A Rockhopper Penguin named 'Marly' was brought out and she called for us, made paintings for us, and generally just hung out while the trainer told us about all of the penguins. One of the highlights was that the trainer saw that Lambert had brought his stuffed Rockhopper penguin along and decided to let Marly see what she thought of it. She pecked at it, and messed with it, and wanted to keep it! She walked right up to Lambert when the trainer gave the penguin back to her and you could see she wanted it back!

Lambert was so stoked that he now wants to be a 'Biologist' because then he could work with the penguins. Max had a blast too, and asked a ton of questions. After the fourth time raising his hand and asking 'Why it was so stinky?" and "What did they eat?" he raised his hand and told the crowd "I have a rock in my underpants." Thats our boy.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas started VERY early this year, at 5 am, with the boys waking us up! It was an excellent Christmas; enough presents, enough food, enough love... and excellent Christmas!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Well, as it is in Houston, Christmas eve is never that cold. However, this year it will hit freezing, for about one hour at about 4 am. ;) The kids were playing outside today and Maxwell decided to out draw Toasty Roy the blow up snow man.

I also wanted to put up a picture of the Christmas Tree before it was wrecked tomorrow morning. A Merry Christmas to all... and to all a Good Night!


Making Ginger Bread 'Houses'.

Mom wanted to make Ginger Bread houses with the boys this year. Houses turned out to be very difficult to make, so they mad Ginger Facades. Everything is Gluten Free and the kids had a blast.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lambert's Sixth Birthday Party.

Lambert had been asked a while back where he wanted to go for his birthday. He decided to go to Chucky Cheese (sigh...). Amy limited his choices (thanks Amy!) and we went on his birthday with two friends of his choice, as opposed to going on a Saturday with eleventy billion kids, which would have caused all of us to go on a tri state killing spree.

Amy made him an awesome home made gluten free - no artificial colors round cake with a penguin on top! He loved it. We went to the rat's house and the kids had a blast!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!