Saturday, July 04, 2009

Lambert and Max Catch a Frog.

Lambert and Maxwell managed to see a frog (or Toad - I wasn't close enough to see) hopping in our driveway. The hunt was on. Lambert caught him and Mom helped them make a house and watering hole for him under one of our Palm trees. He actually may use it too.


Amy made some T-shirts for her team...

Amy decided to make an Autism inspired T-Shirt for her team (starting in the fall). She bought the supplies, made her own stencil, and got to work. This is one of the results.


Lambert has finished a book club for the summer.

Everyone is convinced that their kid is a genius - I know. However, at 5 Lambert has read 10 books for a summer reading program. He can sight read and sound out new words without prompting - such as muscles and other difficult words.

Also - he is doing mathematics at an accelerated pace. He adds, in his head, large numbers to get totals - such as 13 and 17 today - to exclaim that over the last two games - Max had gotten 30 points on a Spider Man game. This is fairly normal for his PDD diagnosis - so he may be in Gifted and Talented. I just hope he is cool with whatever capacity he has.