Sunday, December 25, 2011

Moulenbelt Christmas 2011

This Christmas seemed really toned down from last years craziness. Life is a marathon for sure - and you learn at every mile. Last year we learned that we bought too many gifts, focused on some of the wrong things, and our kids were frantic most of the day - and many of their gifts remained untouched once they were unboxed.

This year we put a lot of thought into what we were getting the kids and how many gifts were 'enough'. Of course, this is a 'first world problem' but it is one of those things we find ourselves obsessing about this time of year.

As you have seen I spent a lot of time building a Lego table and we bought more general Lego's as opposed to specific Lego's that don't leave a lot of room for imagination. We also bought fewer kits and spent a lot less money. We have already found that the playing is a lot more calm and the kids seem to be having a lot more fun.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve the kids were begging to open a gift - so we gave them something we knew they would enjoy as they wait before the big day. They opened one gift from GrandMelissa - their snuggie type blankets. They loved it and the present lust was appeased for a time.

Amy and I set up the Lego Table and the rest of the gifts that the kids could open before we woke up and went to bed about 11pm. At 4am Amy heard the kids awake so we let them open their stockings from Santa and went back to bed. At 6am we were reawakened for good and the gift paper started flying. They seemed to love their gifts - and then we showed them to the spare room and the Lego table. Maxwell fell on the ground and seemed to love it right away. Lambert wasn't sure what it was - but then got it as we showed him around the table. Lambert hasn't left it all day!

Amy had gotten a gift from me prior to Christmas as we got her a guitar that fit her a few weeks ago. Amy got me a Kindle and some old school shaving gear that I wanted. We stayed very simple too - and I am certainly happy for it.

To my friends and family that keep up with us on this blog - I want to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You have all been great to myself and my family and we are grateful for having all of you in our life.



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