Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Making of a Lego Table - A Christmas Saga.

Amy found an idea in one of her family magazines for making a Lego Table for the boys. It consisted of a piece of plywood on two rolling organizer carts. Oh - no... that was not GOOD enough for me. I HAD to make it more complicated.

First, we had two IKEA Trofast toy organizers already to serve as the 'legs' of the project:

We plan on getting 12 bins for these that will hold Lego pieces by color:

I then went to Home Depot and bought 12 feet of Red Oak trim and a 1/2" x 4.6 foot x 16 inch piece of high quality plywood. I brought it home - made a 1/3" dado slot in the trim, cut all of them at a 45 degree to fit and countersunk pilot holes to fit the screws on the table. Put those in place, sanded it all back, stained it, poly'd one side and painted the other with chalkboard paint. I then bought 5 10" x 10" Lego Baseplates and used liquid nails to glue them on the finished side.

I then modified the Trofast legs by countersinking the bolt holes, sanding, staining (to match) and poly'ing those.

All told - we have about 150 dollars into this table for Christmas, but 100 of that were toy bins we already had and have used for about 7 years. I think it turned out cool and am staining and poly'ing a set of shelves to side next to the table for finished projects.

I hope the boys like it - and I hope it will be a Merry Christmas.



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