Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lambert's Three Year Preschool Pictures

This is Lambert's three year Preschool picture from Little People School this year. I have no clue how they got him to stand still for this long.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Amy now has a job for the Fall!!!

Amy just got hired for a position in the fall teaching Special Education for Preschoolers in the Katy School District. It is a half time job with benifits and runs at the same time that the kids will be in preschool in the fall. She had a choice between half and full time at two different jobs - but we thought that the kids would really benefit from her bring home with them more for a year or two. Most likely in a couple of years she will go back to work full time.
We are very proud of her.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I was in the Copperfield Sun Times.

GLBTA Honors Jason Moulenbelt as First Rainbow Award Recipient
Award given as part of GLBTA Awareness Week at Cy-Fair College

Cypress, Texas (April 9, 2007) Cy-Fair College’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender and Allies student organization recently sponsored GLBTA Awareness Week, which included honoring Jason Moulenbelt as the first recipient of the Rainbow Award.

GLBTA Awareness Week was held March 27 – March 29 to support and affirm the commitment of the North Harris Montgomery Community College District to diversity, said Sergio Sarmiento, GLBTA advisor.

“The purpose of the student organization is to provide a support system and to promote acceptance and diversity while providing a safe atmosphere free of prejudice. The informational tables and open forum during awareness week not only served to support and educate our own GLBT students, but also the rest of the college and community about the importance of understanding and respecting differences among people,” Sarmiento said. “These events were held to educate and open dialogue about diversity and current issues faced by GLBT students and their families.”

In addition, the GLBTA created the Rainbow Award to be granted to a person or group of people who actively promotes diversity, inclusion, dialogue and equality toward GLBT students.

“It is with great honor for the GLBTA group to announce Professor Jason Moulenbelt as the first recipient of the Rainbow Award for the year 2007-2008,” said Sarmiento. “Jason has worked tirelessly and courageously toward creating a campus culture free of prejudice against the GLBT community. His passionate arguments and desire for inclusion and dialogue are truly admirable.”

Moulenbelt described receiving the first Rainbow Award as a humbling experience. He said he was deeply moved by students who courageously spoke out about their own experiences.

“It was heartening to see the camaraderie of the group, the attempts to comfort those who spoke of bad experiences and to cheer for those who had good experiences, said Moulenbelt. “Many of those who ‘came out’, came out to very receptive parents, which is great to hear – although some told heartbreaking stories of problems with relatives and friends.”

Moulenbelt said he was proud to be a member of the panel, to share his experiences as an ally to the GLBT community and to talk of strategies to use when a member of the GLBT community decides to trust someone enough to share their story with them.

“After hearing the tales of persecution and personal courage from the members of the ‘coming out’ panel, I felt like the real people who should be getting awards were the GLBT members themselves,” said Moulenbelt. “I will hang the Rainbow Award with pride on the walls of my office, announcing that I am an ally to the GLBT community and their concerns. I hope that very few Rainbow Awards need to be given out and that we can see members of the GLBT community as equals in the near future and the need for allies will be unnecessary.”

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Way Lambert Rolls.

Sometimes - when Dad tells you to put your underwear on - this is what you HAVE to do. You know how he rolls.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lambert's Photo's of Little People School Part Two.

Here are pictures of Lambert's school this year at The Little People's School. There are TON'S more - if anyone wants them.

Lambert's Pictures from Little People's School

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lambert is POTTY TRAINED!!!

Thursday May 3rd Lambert says to Mom "I have to go potty!". Mom, who has been trying for weeks to get Lambert to do anything but go in his diaper says 'Okay...' and brings him to the potty. He sits down - thinks a bit - and then pees. Amy, after her shock, celebrates with Lambert to the greatest extent possible and gives him a prize.
A few hours later he says 'I have to go potty!' - he seems a little more in a rush this time. Amy brings him in - he sits down - turns a little red - concentrates and goes #2! Amy was VERY excited for Lambert, celebrating and back patting, until she went to flush and realized it was plugged.
Lambert is officially my son! A Herculean effort for the first day of potty training and showing up most men in the world by the plugging of his first toilet on his first try. THAT'S MY BOY!!!
He has since gone on the potty every day - although we are still working on #2. I hear that takes some time. His father and grandfather have trouble always going #2 on the potty - so we are not too worried.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Maxwell's Second Birthday Pictures (cont.)

Additional pictures from Maxwell's Second Birthday celebration.

Max's Second Birthday Party!

We celebrated Max's Second Birthday tonight! We went to Los Cucos and had dinner, let the kids play on the playground there and then came back and had cake and opened presents. Thomas was the theme and the kids loved the cake and their presents. Max got a Curious George pose-able plush toy, a box of Sidewalk Chalk, and a Find and Seek Thomas the Tank Engine book. He was very excited. Lambert, of course, needed a present as to not feel left out so he got a Thomas the Tank Engine Plush blanket.
Happy Birthday Maxwell - we love you!