Friday, October 20, 2006

I am having a poem published soon.

I wrote a poem a few weeks ago on a whim and sent it to a professor of English friend of mine, Matt Turner. Matt send the poem to a cohort of his, Michelle Brown who wants to publish it. It is a little collegiate pulication - but I am proud of it nontheless.

I will post it here first - and know that I am likely to change it a little before it get's published.

The Stumps

Farmers had felled trees many years ago
and drug them with chains to where
we spent tense hours and easy nights
in the summer. Raising our time
when we should have checked.
They cut tops and trunks
and found no use for the rest.
No one but us.
The sun descended through the smattered leaves
where we would stay without will of motion
until drunk on Vietnam,
we would force ourselves to our feet,
attempting to fill our shoes.
Another would raise his makeshift rifle
at where I stalked. Not finding a clearing,
(you miss so often despite your aim)
would attempt to settle down.
Later to muster his Diomedes,
destined, it seemed, Achillies.
I knelt to collect my blood from my feet
and could not help but smell,
even through the plastic of my mask,
where the condensation dripped
off the ace of spades I had painted there
the dry sandy loam fell that from the roots
of the behemoth that gave me cover.
I wanted to walk point - warn my comrades of danger.
Tell them “Stick together”.
Allow my actions to speak for themselves.
My off hand felt the warm cool dirt,
it smelled just like it does right before the rain.


Saturday, October 14, 2006


We brought the boys to Cy-Fest at Cy-Fair College today. They had a blast! Eating free food, jumping on the jumpers, eating free food, watching the Cy-Fair Dance team, eating free food, and getting thier fingerprints taken for safety!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Painting in the Tub!

Here are some pictures of the boys painting in the tub, getting ready for bed, and hanging out with daddy before going to bed. Amy made up some soap based finger paints for the boys to use in the shower. They had a blast and the water turned pretty blue.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Few Pictures of the Boys.

Here are a few pictures of the boys. A rare picture of the boys playing nicely in the same chair - and a few of Max wearing the wall accoutrements.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Day at the Park!

The Moulenbelt family met the Aurelli family at the park in downtown Houston for a picnic and playing in the fountain. We had a blast! Lambert, as you can see, loves Dorito's and Maxwell tried to feed his 'cake' (cupcake) to every animal in the park. We played in the fountain after lunch (wating 45 minutes ofcourse) and had a great time with the other kids. The Aurelli's packed more food and supplies than we needed - proving they will be great parents when Jason Aurelli (boy or girl - I think it is a great name!) is born.


Christmas List for the Boys

Not to be presumptious or to 'guilt' anyone into purchasing anything - but I will use this post as a running list for the boys Holiday 2006 present ideas.

Lambert (who gets the double whammy because he was born 10 days before Christmas):

5T Shirts and Pants.
Size 10 (kids) shoes - but he is good in that department.
He loves Curious George! We do not have the movie DVD and only have one Curious George book (the lost bunny one). DVD's, Books, Posters - what have you.

If you get him 5T shorts or T-Shirts (which are always in need) get a few 5T and a few boys small sizes to grow in to.

pajamas - Short sleeve and long sleeve.

A mini-trampoline with a stabilizing bar would be great! They are expensive - but his speach therapist suggested it. He loves to jump.

Tinker Toys, an IKEA Train Set, an IKEA Easle for kids, an IKEA hanging chair for either or both kids would be fine.

He does not use sippy cups anymore and only uses the sippy cups with the straws that bend over when you close them.
No pacifiers please - he uas 80 billion of them and we are worried we are going to see prom pictures with a binky in them.


4T Shirts and Pants. Again - shorts and shirts are always good.
He wears size 6.5 or 7 shoes. Perhaps a gift certificate to stride rite would be good.
Pajama's - long sleeve and short sleeve.

A Little People Alphabet Zoo would be cool - 26 animals with a animal for every letter. He is not really into toys that much - but they have a lot of little people stuff and he seems to like it.

A learning 3 in 1 style tricycle.