Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jason's Birthday.

I had my birthday this week. We went to lunch (Los Cucos) and had a cake. About a week later I got a flashlight from Amy for my backpack.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Three for Family!

Here are three Ka-Bar Lil Finn's and custom sheaths I just finished for them. The top picture shows Lambert's new knife and sheath to match Dad's knife and sheath. The knife used to be Grandpa Bruce's - so it is pretty cool to have this set done. The bottom picture shows a Knife for Lambert (left) a knife for Christopher (my nephew - actually step nephew for those playing alone in the home game) and a knife for Russ (Amy's Dad - a very late Christmas Present).


Friday, April 17, 2009

Amy has a Full Time Job!

Amy was hired for the fall at Alexander Elementary as a Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) teacher. She has her own class and a para-professional to assist her. I am VERY proud of her!


A Finished Sheath for my Dad's Old Ka-Bar

My Dad sent me an old knife of his. I polished it up (more on that below) and finally made a sheath for it over the last few days. Here it is.


A Walking Stick for the Fallen

A fellow professor and friend of mine passed this weekend. We are having a silent auction to fund a scholarship in his name. I made this for the silent auction.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maxwell is passing on the gift of reading.

Ralph, Amy's stuffed bear from when she was a kid, has turned into one of Max's companions. Today he REALLY wanted me to get a picture of Ralph reading. Or should I say - a picture of where Ralph was propped up and where Max had put a book in his hand.


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lambert's First Football Game.

These pictures are in reverse order. Lambert went to his first football game this Saturday and played football. He was very confused by the whole process and we quickly realized that his diagnosis is not over. He was overwhelmed by the situation, the wind, the newness of the game, and what was expected of him. He was deeply worried that, because it was windy, that our chairs and stuff would blow away or be stolen. When I put the chairs away and secured all of our stuff - it seemed to reduce this overload to a tolerable level. Unfortunately, but fortunately, the game was almost over - however, because the game was almost over - he was able to concentrate for the last few minuted and play defense.

He helped get in on a tackle and seemed to have a lot of fun the final two minutes. His team, the Texans (the flag football league was started by a former NFL player) managed to squeek out a win on the last play of the game with a coast to coast run by one of the players who ran for three touchdowns in the game. Everyone gets a chance to play every position and it is a very fair, fun, and exciting environment.

He is now excited for the next game and we seem to have figured out one more thing in Lambert's life that we can make a simple switch and make better for him. The assistant coach told him that he was deeply proud of him and coming out and playing the last few minutes. I was proud of him too. Very proud!


A Leather Case for a Folding Knife my Dad Gave Me.

Here is a little Imperial (which merged with Schrade in the 1980's) folding knife my dad gave that he carried as a kid. I made a case for this this weekend. I left it the normal coloring the hide came and I made it look a little rough and pre-worn by using Neats foot and a wax combination to seal it.

I think it turned out pretty cool. I hope my dad likes it.