Thursday, September 25, 2008

Huricaine Ike - The Aftermath - It is all over but the checks.

We had our T.V. hooked up today and we have replaced our Ike damaged satellite with T.V. over internet. That was the last of the stuff that needed to be hooked up to set us basically back to pre-Ike status.

I textured the ceiling in Lambert's old room to match and now I just have to paint the two rooms and all is better than before. I am also ready to stain the back deck and add a section to it (very small - but it should be fun).

Thanks to everyone who checked up on us throughout the suckiness that was Ike - it meant a lot.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Huricaine Ike - The Aftermath - We Have a New Roof!

The roofers came yesterday at 9am and got right to work. After about three hours of demo they had supplies delivered and got to work on the roof. Another 9 hours later (holy crap these guys worked hard) we had a new roof.

We had a 20 year shingle installed with nice drip edge, new ridge and roof vents, as well as vent pipe covers. All damage has been repaired and as the last two pictures show - it looks great!

It looks like Ike has been subdued at the Moulenbelt household. We get our T.V. hooked back up tonight and all is well.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Match Case Project is Finished!

Well I finally got the match case project off to anno - and within a week - Bill from CCM / DPM had them back to me. They turned out AWESOME! The Type Three anno is ungodly tough - I tried to scratch a hidden portion with a stainless steel pick - only to take metal off the PICK!

It was a lot of fun to make - and will be even more to give a few for Christmas!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricaine Ike - A Week Later.

The storm left us almost exactly one week ago - with a lot less roof and some water damage. In a week I have managed to get a contract signed, get the ceiling almost totally repaired in Lambert's room, the insulation removed and replaced, a roofing contract signed (they come Monday), insurance check cut, and many other things you do when you have no T.V. and a week off (I have completed MANY things on the Honey-Do list).

Today, I went into Galveston with the Pastor from the Kid's school to help some people there. It was kind of crazy. There was lots of wind damage to the surrounding areas - but nothing catastrophic. However, the pastor is from about 2,000 feet from the mouth of the ship channel in Galveston. The flood surge has destroyed almost every home. There was 12 feet of water (above sea level) at the town hall and the flood damage was apparent everywhere. Trees laid all over houses, fences, the road ways. The community was in clean up mode and most roads were one lane (due to the rubbish on the sides of the roads).

The houses surrounding the people were were helping had essentially all of their drywall, carpet, padding, furniture, and brick-a-brack laid out at the road for either the assessor to take pictures of - or the trash men to take away - or both. Being Texas there were threats painted on every flat surface that "Looters Would be Shot!" and "Guarded by S & W!". Power to this area is a long way off from being restored but people are getting by. I ate my first Red Cross meal in my life for lunch as I ran the chain saw for about 5 or 6 hours, clearing out family after family from the fallen trees.

We drove home at about 3:30 pm and I set to finishing the ceiling in Lambert's room. I will be glad when Tuesday comes and the roof is repaired and our T.V. gets restored.

I learned, however, that the crap you collect in life is simply that - crap. Waiting to be washed away while you sleep by the smalled disturbance in the Earth's diurnal course.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricaine Ike Update - Almost a Week Later.

Things are CERTAINLY looking up today. Here is the update as I know it:

1) The roofer will be here Monday - A week and two days after the storm hit. I am told daily that this is a miracle - I prefer to view it as a LOT of hard work - and some luck.

2) The insurance company cut me a check today for the drywall damage as well as the roof. It totals to over half of the roof - but with the deductible and the depreciation (check your home owners insurance - if you have depreciation value - know what you are into) this was normal. They did pay for a new roof. All the pictures, faxes, e-mails, phone calls, and quotes paid off. The cut the check sight unseen.

3) The house is dry and safe. I have dried out all of the drywall and taken all of the wet insulation out of the attic (this happened a day after the storm - as suggested by Shawn) and this REALLY helped dry things out.

4) We moved our computer into Lambert's old room making a sort of an office. This is cool - and makes the house more comfortable. I ran a new phone line and hooked the DSL up to that. I am getting handy around the house.

5) I re caulked the bathroom shower and repaired the damaged lights from the storm. The shower was simply dirty - the lights are back in and life is good there.

6) I will replace the insulation as things become dry and safe. I got three bags today which I think will be enough. I need to see how to get reimbursed for this from my insurance.

7) I will hire the dry wall work out or repair it myself with the money I received. The damage was not too bad - painting is the big part.

8) The kids are sleeping in the same room so their beds were moved in together. They love it.

9) I have been doing a MILLION odd jobs with the weather nice and the week off. I need to go back to work to take a day off! ;)


Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Saga Day Three

I have signed a contract to get the roof fixed today with a reputable company (BBB registered and other good things) and the work may be done by the end of this week!

Also I had two dry wallers come out today and give me bids. I am going to wait until the insurance company calls us back to get them out as this is not a huge emergency.

I got up in the attic and pulled about 7 bags of wet fiberglass insulation out of the attic today and we have had a fan on the carpet and ceilings in the two damaged rooms. Those are looking better than I originally thought.

The damage has totaled about 8,000 dollars so far and we are not done. I am hoping for the insurance company to pay back the amount of work we are having done.

We have been so fortunate thus far - we have had power all since Saturday - our kids are sleeping well - everything seems to be working out. Money is just money at the end of the day.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day Two of the Ike Saga - an addition.

I managed to procure some plastic sheeting and some tarps - but at this point I am not sure this is any better. However, and this is good news, I just heard back from one of the roofers I got in touch with who has a tarp or two and he is coming my way.

Also, the rain has stopped - so things might be better for the rest of the day - we will see.

I will add on as I know something.


Day Two of the Ike Saga.

Well - day two was certainly better in the wind respect - but at 3 am last night (I am noticing a pattern) the rain came and we began bailing. The tarp that we put up on the roof certainly is not leak proof - in fact at first I wasn't sure it was any better. The water seems to be getting in under the tarp - which was what I feared.

It is better in that water seems to be coming in slower - but we are certainly having to use many buckets and the damage to the dry wall seems to be getting worse. The damage seems to be restricted to the master bedroom and Lamberts Bedroom (we moved him into Max's a while back) - but I am getting tired of seeing wet spot on the drywall.

The good news is that there are only drips inside the house whereas before it was running. What I need is a large tarp to go over the top of the roof and then run it all the way down past my current patches to prevent the situation I have going now.

However, I am sure tarps are in super high demand (or likely out completely) and the rain is supposed to subside today / tonight with a nice front moving in for a week. So, this should give me time to get to Home Depot / Lowe's / anywhere with a tarp and get this done. I have heard no word from our adjuster - but that is not to be expected for another day or two.

Amy and I are guessing three weeks of this madness should put it behind us - but I am thinking it may be more like a month.

Keep us in your thoughts,


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Does Damage to our House!

Ike came though last night and cut off our power at about midnight. We then heard a LOT of wind and a LOT of banging about 3am. I checked the house and found leaks. I went up in the attic (this is while the eye was very near us) and found out that we were taking on considerable water. The roof had about a 20 x 15 square patch of shingles removed and it was letting in a LOT of water. I would say maybe 10 gallons all told - although it is VERY tough to tell.

I managed to procure a tarp or two and tarped up the hole with about 11 billion screws. I got to work on the phone (with friends help who had power) and began calling the insurance and roofing companies. I managed to get a hold of a few companies and even found a guy helping a relative down the street in the roofing business. The insurance will not get back to me for up to four days and after that I have to get the work done. I am thinking two to three weeks with a wounded roof and trying to dry out.

The power came back on 9 hours after it was cut off (noon) and we have been with power every since. I even managed to fix our dish - so we have TV. Our water is fine and all considered it could have been a LOT worse. We are healthy - the boys are happy - and things seem to be going well.

Keep us in your thoughts.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lambert Gets a New Bike!

Lambert, as you can see from the previous photo's has outgrown his 'little boy bike'. We decided to get him an early Birthday present and go get him bike that was on sale. He is a little small for most 20" bikes - but this one (one of the more expensive of course) fit him perfectly. He is psyched!


Lambert Rides Without Training Wheels

Lambert had a huge foray into freedom this week when one of his training wheels came off. We took off the second training wheel - and with a little help he was on his way. No falls or scrapes since he lost his training wheels and he had a good time!