Monday, August 24, 2009

Lambert's First Day at Kindergarden.

Well - It has happened. Nearly six years have flown by and Lambert is off to his first day of school. Luckily, he went with his mom, who will be three doors down from him. I am pretty sure only the parents think he will need the support. He seemed excited and ready to go. He picked out his own outfit last night, and told me he wanted me to be there before school.

I snapped these pictures quickly before he left.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation 2009.

Well - another month (actually 32 days) have flown by and we are home from vacation. I love our visits and they would not be possible without the generousness of Grandmoi and Papa Wally. They put us up and put up with us for the entire visit.

Many people also help us by bringing us things:

Thanks to John and Christina for the over the counter drug run, Sarah for the under the counter drugs.
Papa Bruce for taking us fishing and breakfasts ((I had a blast playing Cribbage again!))
Shawn and Eileen for driving us around and the Tigers Tickets ((my God were THOSE awesome tickets))
Bo Yordy for comping our tickets to his awesomely directed show
Papa Wally for letting us use his car when we needed it - and for a memorable trip to Best Buy ((Lunch was a blast - our time means a lot to me))
Uncle Scott and Aunt Tammi for the pizza dinner and fishing.
All of the Girls and Christopher (the lone male) for playing with Maxwell and Lambert all the times we were at your houses and other places.
Papa Bruce and Sharon for sharing their time and the property to have a blast swimming, fishing and hiking.
April and Bonnie for dinner and hanging out afterwards - always a blast.

Many many more thanks are due. We had a blast. It is harder and harder to come home to Texas every year! I love our vacation and we have a blast. See you all in 10 short months!


Vacation 2009 - Gun Lake!

We did quite a bit of swimming while on vacation. A few pools (thanks Dawn and Greg / Uncle Jim) and quite a few lakes (Lake Michigan, Gun Lake - twice, and East Lake). We met Grandpa Russ and Sue for a visit while they were in the RV and hit the lake for swimming and other chicanery!

Good times.


Vacation 2009 - John Ball Park Zoo!

On vacation we went to the Zoo! Petting goats, cows, sting rays and the like - seeing all the animals, zip lines for Mommy, Monkey's for Maxwell, and Penguins for Lambert! It was awesome - a HUGE thank you to Grandmoi and Pappa Wally for taking us all.

Oh - yes that is Papa Wally on the swings with Maya and Helena and Maxwell - they all thought THAT was hilarious!


Vacation 2009 - Lake Michigan.

On vacation we also went to Lake Michigan for the day. It was gorgeous weather, as it was for the entire visit, and we all had a blast. Grandmoi and the boys got sun and we built some sand castles and the like. A stop for Ice Cream on the way home finished off a perfect day!


Vacation 2009 - Whitecaps!

The family went to a Grand Rapids White Caps game (Division A for the Tigers) and had a blast. Face painting, 50 Cent Hot Dogs, balloon animals and I even took a foul ball to the head while I was not looking. Okay - so that part kind of sucked - but the rest was awesome. No permanent damage to my skull either - Lord knows it is thick enough... ;)