Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Splatmandu Sunday!

I made it out to Splatmandu ( http://www.splatmandu.com/ ) for the first time this year. I have been going to this field for over 10 years and it still feels like home no matter how long it has been since I have been there. It was great to see Ted and Kathy, the owners, and good to see how much it has grown and still proceeds to spread the love of paintball to all that attend. I had great times, shot a lot of people, and met old friends while making some new ones. Love this place.
Thanks Jen for the pics!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Moulenbelt Brothers On Stage!

Shawn's Band '7 Ways' ( http://www.7waysmusic.com/ ) played last night in Byron Center at their summer festival. Because I was in town we decided to do a few songs with me on harmonica. So I practiced with the band the night before, kept it simple, and it sounded pretty good! Everyone was complementary of me and the band and I could not have had more fun! I am very proud of what Shawn has done with the band. It is not easy getting up there, playing music, attempting to spread a message, and being open to criticism like he does. The band sounded great and he should be very proud of what he is a part of.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dry Wall Day and Grandmoi's House!

Shawn and I drywalled the garage at Grandmoi's and Papa Wally's house today. Took about five hours and nearly 20 sheets of drywall - but the job is done - and done well!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pictures from the Vacation.

Here is a bunch of pictures from Grandma's house. There are more from other camera's coming. Stay Tuned!

More Pictures from the Zoo!

Grandma Takes the Boys to the Zoo!

Grandma Mimi brought the boys to Binder Park Zoo ( http://www.binderparkzoo.org ) on Thursday and they saw a LOT of animals upclose. They fed the Pigmy Goats, Rabbits and coolest of all, the Giraffes! They rode a train, a tram, took a Safari, and generally rabble roused. One of the best days in my life was had and I hope one of the best of the kids young lives as well.

Lambert and Maxwell Get Arrested While on Vacation!

The boys were out being hoods in the hood and got busted in the subdivision. Okay, not really... but they did get a tour of the inside of the cop car by the Hopkins Policeman, Brad. They loved it and had a good time. Daddy told them to ONLY ride in the front of the car.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pumpentien Practice.

Here is one of our latest practices. I am the one wearing the Chrome Goggles. You see some good action here.