Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Bow Drill Fire Presentation.

I gave a presentation at Lonestar College - Cy-Fair (where I am a professor) on how to start a bow drill fire (actually I showed them 5 others ways to start fire without matches or a lighter as well).

About 30 people attended and said a lot of nice things afterwards. I made an extra bow drill set to be raffled off (last pic) and had a TON of fun. The pics are grainy and a little out of order - but you get the point.

I was in the mechanical lab (it had sprinklers and a huge bay door to open. As you can see I am answering questions as I go. I am using a Hickory hearth and spindle with a river stone top rock and 550 cord in my bow. I used a tree from a branch on campus. In fact, this branch was JUST outside the lab you see here.

I held the tinder bundle until it about burned me - and then set it down. I had to give it one more breath to make it REALLY go. It burned for almost 5 minutes. The tinder bundle was simply dried grass and pine needles. Way too much - but showed the advantages of prepared material. You can see the coal in the above pic - as I reached for my Kosters bushcraft to help transfer the coal to the tinder bundle.



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