Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lambert's First Football Game.

These pictures are in reverse order. Lambert went to his first football game this Saturday and played football. He was very confused by the whole process and we quickly realized that his diagnosis is not over. He was overwhelmed by the situation, the wind, the newness of the game, and what was expected of him. He was deeply worried that, because it was windy, that our chairs and stuff would blow away or be stolen. When I put the chairs away and secured all of our stuff - it seemed to reduce this overload to a tolerable level. Unfortunately, but fortunately, the game was almost over - however, because the game was almost over - he was able to concentrate for the last few minuted and play defense.

He helped get in on a tackle and seemed to have a lot of fun the final two minutes. His team, the Texans (the flag football league was started by a former NFL player) managed to squeek out a win on the last play of the game with a coast to coast run by one of the players who ran for three touchdowns in the game. Everyone gets a chance to play every position and it is a very fair, fun, and exciting environment.

He is now excited for the next game and we seem to have figured out one more thing in Lambert's life that we can make a simple switch and make better for him. The assistant coach told him that he was deeply proud of him and coming out and playing the last few minutes. I was proud of him too. Very proud!



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